Born and raised in London, England, Matt Alexander moved to Dallas, Texas in 2006 to attend Southern Methodist University. Soon after graduating with Distinction in 2010, Matt embarked upon a career of entrepreneurship, with his efforts (so far) primarily revolving around retail, media, and publishing.

With his love of publishing and media, Matt started a publication, One Thirty Seven, in 2011. Several months later, the popularity of the site catalyzed the launch of his podcast, Bionic, on 70 Decibels. It was acquired by 5by5 in 2013 and, later, took on a new form at popular independent network, Relay FM, as Bonanza.

Meanwhile, Matt's curiosity fell upon the world of retail and e-commerce, where he developed two brands, Need and Foremost, which launched in 2013 and 2015, respectively. The two brands — both sharing an emphasis upon editorial storytelling combined with well-curated and exclusive products — fell under the corporate umbrella of Edition Collective. After 2-3 years of operations and roughly $2 million in funding, Edition Collective, including its brands, was acquired by fellow Dallas-based retail group Q Fifty One, parent of Q Clothier and Rye 51, in October 2016.

In the time since, Matt has overseen the development of e-commerce and marketing for Q Fifty One's brands, whilst also advising a number of companies and being appointed to Southern Methodist University's Dedman Executive Board and more.

Outside of these day-to-day efforts, in 2014, Matt also co-founded a communal retail concept, Unbranded, which provides free retail and event space to independent brands, designers, chefs, and artists each holiday season. He also serves as an advisor and mentor to a number of startups, executives, and accelerators/incubators.

Amongst other plaudits, he has been fortunate enough to be named as one of the 'Top Texans Under 30,' one of the 'Top Five Faces of Technology' in the region, and has been recognized as a finalist to Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Award.