Ben Brooks on the Potential Lure of Windows 8

Ben Brooks:

Last night I saw an ad for Best Buy that features a convertible Microsoft laptop of some sort and I have to say, I can see the appeal of that for people. For example I am tapping this out in my iPad, sitting in a vacant office space waiting for a service technician — this is something I do often. I have my iPad 3 with LTE, my iPhone 5 with LTE, and my retina MacBook Pro all here. Yet I’m only using the iPad, because at a moments notice I will need to get up and meet a technician. With my laptop that means I’d have to close it up and stuff it carefully back in my bag. The iPhone is too small for typing like this, so I go with my iPad, but I would be done with this post already if I had a keyboard for the iPad, then again that’d be silly because my retina MacBook Pro is right here.

Easily one of the most unexpected articles I ever would've expected to see from Ben. And I mean that in a very admirable and positive manner.

The newfound Microsoft philosophy is, as I've written before, not without its allure for even the most staunch of Apple advocates. Although I suspect it will take some time for Windows 8 and this conceptual shift to gain traction, if Microsoft is able to win over — or at least intrigue — people like Ben, then it could well find success sooner rather than later.

Of course, beyond the interesting notion of a versatile computing experience, Microsoft and its partners must deliver upon such a bold idea. And, at the time of writing, they have not yet done so.

So, I certainly hope Ben's concluding "maybe" evolves into something more concrete. I'd be genuinely fascinated to hear his thoughts on the topic, particularly if he were to rely upon a so-called "hybrid" device for an extended period of time.