Giant Size #27: Unraveling Craziness

Moisés Chiullan

Moisés and John are joined by Bionic's Matt Alexander to look back at the first six months of Marvel's NOW! initiative. In this first of two parts, they cover most of the X-books and Avengers titles. This week's interview: superstar artist Phil Noto, on the floor of Dallas Comic-Con.

For several years, I've been quietly and inconspicuously enjoying comic books on a fairly regular basis. Much like the launch of this website, it has taken me a very long time to acknowledge and embrace this penchant for superheroes and audacious story-lines. 

Last week, however, I was involved in an exhaustive  dive into the world of Marvel NOW! on the fantastic — and all-new — show, Giant Size. (I believe our discussion was, in fact, split in half due to the volume of detail.)

And it was liberating to open up and chat about it.

Marvel NOW!, in my eyes as a newcomer, seemed the ideal chance to learn about new titles and to start afresh with certain characters who'd been subjected to decades of convolution and time travel. Although NOW! hasn't quite delivered on my naive hopes, I have been thoroughly enjoying the first six months of the initiative.

I've been keeping up with a large number of these books and was thrilled to have the chance to share my perspective.  And I'll try to be more open on the topic on Twitter and this site, too.

Moisés and John have a fantastic show. You ought to listen.

(I certainly hope my amateurism hasn't ruined the discussion of such a valuable topic. )

Gian Size 27 is available from 5by5.