Despite my best intentions, I've failed to write an article for this site since I "restarted" in late-July. In the time since, I could've written about exciting topics like the total collapse of modern American politics. Or the next iPhone. But, clearly, I've failed to do so.

Upon closer inspection, I realize there's a simple reason for my inactivity. Having just run the numbers, it's become abundantly clear that I've been writing Way Too Much for the Newsletter. Since July 21, I've sent six issues, comprised of just over 15,500 words (i.e., roughly 2,500 words per issue).

From rants about the Eclipse to the perennially controversial (and worthless) 'Drinking' portion of the Newsletter, I must say, it's been a joy to produce. Although, now that I realize it's about 2,500 words per week, I do feel a bit guilty for the audience.

For all of this, I suppose I'm simply here to say: it's working. The core idea to charge for the Newsletter was to provide a sense of crushing guilt to write each week. If it were just a free newsletter or blog, it'd quickly slip into inconsistency. Rather, having a paid audience, I feel an obligation to provide "value" (if it can be described as such), inasmuch as I can.

And, so far, the Newsletter has garnered a surprisingly large paying audience. (Still relatively small, but much larger than I would've anticipated.) 

I do intend to write here more frequently, but, for now, don't mistake sporadic post dates as a sign of inactivity. It's just all happening in the Newsletter for the time being.

Feel free to sign-up. There's a 14 day free trial (i.e., two issues) and, after that, it's only $1.37 per month.

Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for more to happen right here. I'm enjoying writing more frequently and it's only a matter of time before it becomes more rhythmic and natural, as it was in the early days.