"Like a Flan in a Cupboard"

Myke Hurley, 70Decibels:

This week Matt and Myke bring back the quick-fire round and discuss topics ranging from Google Glass to the MakerBot.

On this week's show, Myke and I (triumphantly) returned with another Lightning/Fire/Seasonal Round™ discussing the past week in Google, Apple, media, and ecosystems.

Focusing upon the increasing praise for Android, the insanity that is the MakerBot Digitizer, and other such matters, Myke kept me to five minute slots to cover all that deserved covering.

The quick fire format was greeted with a great deal of praise when we first introduced it several episodes back and it's certainly a pleasure to record. If you're a fan of the format, please do send us an email and express your support. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Bionic 033 is available, as always, from 70Decibels.