Read & Trust Magazine - March 2013

Aaron Mahnke, Read & Trust:

We are surrounded by mobile computing devices. This month, some of the best writers in the world of mobile computing weigh in on what this new era means for us.

For this month's issue of the Read & Trust Magazine, Dave Caolo, David Chartier, Federico Viticci, and I wrote about our respective takes on so-called "mobile computing."

As you might guess from my preamble — and from reading this site over the past few months — I took significant issue with the delineation between mobile and traditional computing and shared my opinions regarding the modern technological landscape.

Rather than framing "computing" as an entity which can be characterized as "traditional," "mobile," or, God forbid, "post-PC," I make the argument that such perspectives are reductive of the far-reaching capabilities of modern technology. Citing Google Glass, the iPhone, and even the traditional PC, I sought to blur the lines between each of the disparate devices and instill some semblance of awareness of the possibility spanning across all of these devices.

More than my piece, however, the March issue holds writing from some phenomenal writers who're utterly deserving of your support.

The March issue of the Read & Trust Magazine is available now.