Interview with Unretrofied's Chris Gonzales

Chris Gonzales was kind enough to feature me as the final installment of his current interview series on his (truly brilliant) site, Unretrofied . 

During our time, Chris and I delved into my background — a topic I've traditionally been rather reticent to discuss — Need, Bionic, contemporary writing, monetizing content, Google Glass, and so forth. 

It was a far-reaching, lengthy, and highly-topical interview. Certainly the most detailed I've ever been when discussing various matters relating to my personal and professional lives. 

The piece is certainly not short, but it should shed far more light on my particular stances, beliefs, and philosophies — when it comes to our industry — than ever before.

Beyond the interview, I encourage you to spend some time reading through Chris' work. He's a phenomenal and wonderfully thoughtful writer who's only just beginning to get off the ground. (You'll also find his work on Shawn Blanc's consumer curation publication, Tools & Toys .)

For those who're in need of a columnist, writer, or other such personality, I highly recommend taking a look at Chris' work. And I say that with the full gravity such a statement and endorsement warrants.

His voice and candor is precisely the sort we need more of in this community and I sincerely believe he will be moving to the forefront of it in the (relatively) near future. 

To the topic at hand, if you enjoy self-indulgent verbosity and some general thoughts regarding the industry, you can read my interview with Chris on Unretrofied .

If you want to reach out for clarifications or to learn more, you can find me on Twitter