Fifty (Podcast) Years

Last week, Bionic turned 50.  (Accurately, in this instance.)

In other words, Myke and I have been broadcasting our show for over a year. During that time, Bionic has won an award or two, been subject to its fair share of controversy, and has moved to 5by5. Not to mention sexy cruises, android toilets, tearaway trousers, and other such valuable  content.

For those who don't know the back-story, it took Myke several weeks to convince me to co-host the show with him. He'd arranged the name, artwork, concept, and sponsorships, but I was simply not ready to dive into the world of podcasting. Of course — Myke being a persuasive British personality — I eventually signed up.

And I couldn't be more grateful that I did so. 

Today, as I'm becoming ever-increasingly involved in the startup ecosystem in the U.S. and Europe, OneThirtySeven suffers due to my lack of time. I simply don't have the cognitive freedom to sit down and write a few thousand words about Instagram the same as I did six months ago.

In its place, however, Bionic keeps me very much attuned to the technology world. From an agnostic perspective, Myke and I cover the biggest entities in the technology ecosystem. And, for those who listen, you'll be aware that my opinions can often be expressed just as they would here on OneThirtySeven  (i.e., lengthy monologues about the state of the industry).

In many respects, Bionic is better than it has ever been. We've hit our stride post-70Decibels (rest in peace) and my opinions are often exclusively being aired via the show. 

So, for those who miss more frequent content here, I highly recommend experimenting with Bionic.  We're a mature, 50-year-old podcast now. (A PILF, if you will?)

For those who simply want to see more content right here, I've made it a goal to do just that, too. I'll be writing one or two long-form articles every week.

Although people have expressed a desire to see more ephemeral content on OneThirtySeven  — as it was in the early days — I simply will not have the time to do such content justice. Accordingly, various pieces of (frequently inappropriate) ephemera will be shared almost exclusively on Twitter.

OneThirtySeven  will be home to regular columns about the state of our industry, Bionic will be home to my long-form, specific thoughts on the latest news, and Twitter will be where I link to BuzzFeed listicles.

This site's readership continues to grow on a month-to-month basis, for which I am outrageously humbled and grateful. And I will do my utmost to serve that readership in the very best way possible. 

So, subscribe to OneThirtySeven 's RSS, Bionic via 5by5 (or iTunes), and find me on Twitter. It'll be glorious.