These days, I'm frequently privy to stories of would-be writers, entrepreneurs, developers, musicians, and artists explaining that making the leap toward their passions is riddled with troublesome pitfalls, dangers, and problems.

Excusing themselves from the pursuance of their goals, these promising people stifle their potential, choosing instead to sit by the sidelines slowly embittering themselves against the hard-fought successes of others.

Often citing a deep-seated fear of financial uncertainty, complacency comes to define the behavior of the fearful creator. Incapable of venturing into testing and demanding territory, these people instead come to collectively rely upon the vague mirage of the investor.

The notion of the investor is alluring to those of us seeking to make our mark upon the world. Rather than necessitating the risk of our own assets, the investor offers an alternate route toward success. He is seen to mitigate the pitfalls of starting out in any given industry, his deep wallet cast as a safety net for the creator.

And yet, as these people watch their goals slip away from them whilst waiting for this anonymous figure, few seem to notice that the investor is merely the object and embodiment of our most subconscious and sabotaging concerns.

The romanticized investor does not exist as the entity we wish for him to be. Despite our hopes that this figure might occasionally wander down these proverbial Elizabethan streets offering cash to the person with the best intentions, this savior scenario will simply not come to pass.

The thing is that, as we lie in wait for this mysterious benefactor who's so well versed in our respective intentions and promise, few come to comprehend that the investor is none other than ourselves.

Simply put, everything in life is an investment. Be it time, money, friendship, love, or parenting, anything that you wish to do well requires an offering of personal sacrifice.

Projecting our hopes and fears onto this externalized investor, we lose sight of the fact that the control over our destiny and dreams resides solely within ourselves. Coaxing ourselves into inaction for the sake of our shallow perceptions of stability is tantamount to the willful ignorance of our desires.

Without fighting for what you wish to do or be, how could any other person possibly do so on your behalf?

The road need not be traveled alone and true investors may well join you on your path, but you cannot expect your aspirations to come to fruition without personal investment. Such an investment need not be monetary or time-consuming, it simply must be derived from the deep-seated desire to better oneself.

Fretting over your potential and waiting for this mysterious other is masturbatory nonsense. If you are doggedly compelled and intrigued by the prospect of building something more of yourself, then forego the misperception of the investor and act on your own accord.

You are your own investor and it is solely your responsibility to act upon that knowledge.