Read & Trust Magazine - October 2012

Aaron Mahnke:

This issue of Read & Trust Magazine is all about productivity as five of our members offer their perspective on a topic that so many people struggle with.

For this month's issue, I wrote about my rather controversial feelings regarding the productivity phenomenon apparent in the technology community today.

Of course, when writing my article, I was entirely unaware of the gentlemen that would also be submitting content for this month's issue: David Sparks, Brett Kelly, Brett Terpstra, and David Chartier. Or, in other words, some of the foremost personalities in the productivity realm.

So, I imagine I'm in for a barrage of emails and Tweets from productivityists over the coming days and weeks. My apologies in advance.

The magazine is, as always, available for $6 per issue or via a $5 monthly subscription. For those who have yet to check out the magazine, a free sample issue is still also available for your perusal.