Apple TV (via Apple)

Ben Drawbaugh:

There just isn't a way to change TV.

One of the most defeatist perspectives I've ever read.

We know Steve Jobs claimed to have cracked the television, so who's to say this revelation did not occur after his AllThingsD interview? Who's to say Steve's interpretation of television abides by the standards of the current iteration we know and enjoy? Moreover, since when have we taken Steve Jobs' denials as unquestionable fact? Drawbaugh's article overlooks far too many questions to be taken seriously.

More importantly, even if Steve didn't crack it, and Apple is not, in fact, working on a revolutionary take on the television, who is Drawbaugh to say that no other company is? Just yesterday, Sony's CEO, Howard Stringer, suggested his company is working on a similar project, and is prospectively looking to rival Apple in the television industry in future.

Apple isn't the only innovator capable of such market disruption (although it may be best placed for it) -- something we should all be mindful of.

With regard to the defeatist overtone of Drawbaugh's article, the mere implication that we are stuck with any form of technology is unbelievably shortsighted. Surely, if there's anything we can take away from the past decade (or indeed the two centuries prior), it is that nothing is exempt from change, evolution, or disruption.

Any implication otherwise (particularly with the excuse of "monopolies") is insulting to our history, and indeed, our very nature.