The Verge Reviews Amazon's Latest Kindles

Kindle Fire (via The Verge)

Joshua Topolsky on the Kindle Fire:

This isn't an iPad-killer. It has the potential to do lots of things, but there are many things I have yet to see it do, and I wonder if it will get there given the lean software support...

Still, there's no question that the Fire is a really terrific tablet for its price. The amount of content you have access to — and the ease of getting to that content — is notable to say the least. The device is decently designed, and the software — while lacking some polish — is still excellent compared to pretty much anything in this range (and that includes the Nook Color). It's a well thought out tablet that can only get better as the company refines the software. It's not perfect, but it's a great start, and at $200, that may be all Amazon needs this holiday shopping season. 

Paul Miller on the Kindle Touch:

Pretty soon Jeff Bezos will show up at my house and pay me to take a Kindle.

Amazon is irrefutably doing some great things with its product line.

Despite its flaws, the Kindle Fire shows a great deal of promise. If Amazon provides consistent updates, the Kindle Fire line will definitely provide for some interesting debates for the average consumer in future.

As for the Kindle Touch (and the rest of their e-ink line), the results are solid as always. B&N's offering remains thoroughly competitive, and I think that's a great thing, but I'm personally more open to the Amazon ecosystem. I would argue its longevity is assured, whereas B&N's is tentative, at best.

At the end of the day, Amazon is on the right track. I'm unimpressed by the Kindle Fire's design, and I hope they might tap their internal hardware division (makers of the Kindle) for its next iteration, but I suppose that's contingent on Amazon's success with the Fire.

Regardless, some solid, interesting products in time for the Holiday season. Might I also say how refreshing it is to read reviews for new, non-Apple products that are so positive, and that lack so many of the iOS-related caveats that come with Android and Windows Phone offerings.

Refreshing, indeed.