Updated: Windows 8 Coming to Phones

Windows 8 (via Microsoft)

Steve Ballmer:

We've got broad initiatives driving Windows down to the phone with Windows 8.

Just when I was starting to feel positive about Microsoft's chances with Windows Phone 7.5 and its mobile future, Ballmer drops a bombshell like this.

I can barely even begin to articulate my upset with the flawed thinking in this decision. Simply ridiculous.

Paul Miller sums it up effectively:

The choice of words is incredibly (if unintentionally) telling. Like with tablets, Microsoft would rather cram a desktop OS "down" into mobile form, than build off of a simple mobile platform into something more complex.

Updated: Microsoft has clarified to Business Insider that Steve Ballmer did not, in fact, say that Windows 8 is coming to phones (although there appears to still be some question over this). Here's the official transcript from Microsoft:

We've got broad Windows initiatives driving Windows down to the phone. With Windows 8, you'll see incredible new form factors powered by Windows from tablets, small, large, pens, smaller, bigger, room-sized displays.