What's Next for Spotify?

What's next for Spotify? (via AllThingsD)

Spotify has announced a press event for November 30th with the intention of answering the question, "What's next for Spotify?"

Peter Kafka makes some guesses as to what this might entail:

There are a couple obvious things that Spotify can add to its product lineup that I assume are in the works. In Europe, for instance, Spotify offers an MP3 store, so users can buy songs directly from the service instead of heading to iTunes or Amazon (and now, Google). But the U.S. version of the service doesn’t have one.

At some point I also assume we’ll see an iPad app for the service, but perhaps one that functions more like a remote control/console than a full-fledged client.

But neither one of those developments seems worthy of a press conference. And the company has generally avoided big launch events in general — when it rolled out in the U.S. this summer, for instance, it did so without ever putting Ek onstage. So either the company has something truly big up its sleeve. Or it is courting the risk of over-promising.

Following the loss of close to 238 labels last week, fresh questions have been raised over the service's long-term prospects -- particularly following the release of Google Music, and iTunes Match. The press event on November 30th will mark Spotify's first chance to fire back at naysayers, to discuss its international expansion, and to hopefully introduce something innovative for the platform.