The Little Printer

BERG Cloud's Little Printer

Enjoy catching up on social news, media, and updates in the morning? Don't quite have the time, or the signal strength to accomplish that with a phone, tablet, or computer? BERG Cloud's 'Little Printer' is here to save the day (for a seemingly small number of people). Using a thermal, inkless printer, the Little Printer collects social media, news, and updates from your smartphone and prints it out for you each morning. Lists of birthdays, sudoku puzzles, to-do lists and more are all feasible options as well.

Although many are likely to dismiss the Little Printer as being somewhat pointless, I'm actually intrigued. I enjoy having something tangible and static in my hands, but I don't have the time for a full newspaper these days. If I could have a few small pieces of paper each morning I could easily digest on the way to work? Well, honestly, I think I'd be a big fan.

Let's hope it lives up to its premise.