B&N Preparing to Launch Nook Tablet for $249

Nook Tablet Information (Courtesy of Engadget)

Engadget reports that Barnes and Noble is set to announce a Nook Tablet on Monday for $249. Considering Amazon is set to launch the Kindle Fire for a full $50 less, what sets this apart?

Darren Murph:

So, why does B&N think you'll pony up the extra? For one, the Nook Tablet has twice the RAM and twice the storage compared to its closest rival, while also being lighter and having access to over two million books, magazines and newspapers.

I personally can't see a Nook Tablet of this nature having much of a chance against the Kindle Fire (and obviously not against the iPad). With the ever-growing features of Amazon Prime, and with Amazon's market power, I just can't see B&N providing an effective alternative. Hulu Plus and Netflix are certainly nice, but we'll have to see if they can really draw in any new users.

Particularly if they choose to market it using phrasing like "more powerful."