Apple Clarifies "Most Products" With Regard to Carrier IQ

In a statement to Ars Technica, Apple has clarified that only one device running iOS5 still has Carrier IQ, the iPhone 4.

Jon Brodkin:

But we were a bit curious about what "most of our products" means in that context. In response to our question, Apple tells us there is only one device running iOS 5 that still runs Carrier IQ, and it's the iPhone 4. Other devices running iOS 5, such as the iPad, the new iPhone 4S, and older iPhone models updated to iOS 5 have had Carrier IQ stripped out. But Apple says it has never used Carrier IQ to record keystrokes or personal messages.

Considering this is likely Apple's most popular handset, this is somewhat concerning. Particularly following the lack of acknowledgement in their first statement to the media.