Airmov for iPad: Yoga For Your Fingers

Cloudeck has today introduced an intriguing app designed to prevent repetitive stress syndrome. Built for the iPad 2 (iPhone support is coming soon), Airmov provides a series of exercises to stretch your hands using the iPad's touch sensitive display.

Will it make any difference? Well, it certainly wouldn't be of any harm to stretch your hands out from time to time. Just as we have Jawbone UPs and Fitbits to remind us to move around, the Airmov simply promotes healthy movement.

I must say, I'm a big fan of the growing audience for healthy apps. Whether it's the Jawbone UP, diet tracking tools, or RunTracker (or similar), I think it's fantastic to see the appropriation of technology for the benefit of our lifestyles. Rather than focusing on time-wasting games, developers are building apps that place the focus on the outside world, not just trying to draw you into the electronic one you build for yourself.

Of course, a hand stretching app only contributes so much, but I think it's indicative of progress to come in the industry. If that's the case, I feel very optimistic about the future of technology.

Airmov is available here.

(Via Co.Design)