Microsoft Shedding the Traditional Desktop for Windows 8 ARM Devices?

Mary Jo Folley:

Back in September, there was controversy as to whether Microsoft planned to allow “Desktop” (non-Metro) apps to run on Windows 8 ARM-based tablets. But I was told they would, and, indeed, the Softies and partners showed off the Desktop app on ARM tablets at the Build conference.

However, if my Windows Weekly co-host Paul Thurrott is right, Microsoft has rethought that plan and is leaning toward cutting the Desktop from Windows 8 ARM tablets. That would mean only Metro-style apps would be supported on that platform. (Thurrott just dropped that bomb while we were taping Windows Weekly on December 1.)

For the first time in memory, I certainly hope Mr. Thurrott is right.

John Gruber has argued that this would be the case since September, but although evidence has pointed towards it, there has been no semblance of official confirmation. An acknowledgment from Thurrott, however, is very close to an unofficial one.

I have long argued that Microsoft needs to reassess its attitude toward Windows, and shedding the traditional desktop for Metro UI is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

With rumors suggesting the arrival of a Windows 8 beta in late February, let's hope Microsoft listens to reason.

(Via TheVerge)