One Month

ONE37's one month anniversary is tomorrow, December 3rd. In the time since its launch, I have written 115 posts, and have contributed five articles to The Loop.

The site is admittedly small, but I have purposefully avoided a great deal of self-promotion. For instance, I've created dedicated Facebook and Twitter accounts, but both remain private. I have not shared the site link with many friends, and I have not written to many people to draw attention to it.

Why the quiet? Well, I'm only just beginning to build some reserved confidence in this project and in my writing. Before November, I had not written about any technology, media, or design in over ten years. Of course I have expressed opinion in conversation, but rarely had I taken the time to articulate my thoughts in any sort of communicable way.

Realistically, I started ONE37 on a whim. I have always wanted to build my own startup and to be an active part of the community I read so much about, but I lack the credibility to gain any sort of foothold in the market. One day in late October, I thought to myself, "Well, why can't I write about the community?" I am a writer at heart, but I have a great deal more to contribute. So who's to say I cannot use my writing to communicate that other side -- to legitimize my otherwise unsubstantiated hopes?

Sitting in my office cubicle one afternoon, I ordered the domain, paid for the hosting, and setup the blog very much on auto-pilot. And it came out well. I knocked out some reactions to news, tried out several different styles for posts, and shared with some close friends. Although reactions were unilaterally positive, their comments really didn't matter at that point -- I was already hooked. Someone could've told me they thought it was awful, and I would've smiled and kept going.

Pursuing a desire in a tangible manner is an irrefutably great feeling. Seeing ONE37, although dormant, made me enormously proud. But I was still at a loss for guidance. 

As such, I reached out to a number of famous bloggers. I didn't expect to hear from most, but I ended up hearing back from almost all of them. Jim DalrympleShawn BlancStephen HackettFederico Viticci, and more recently, Dan Frommer, have all taken a moment to share their wisdom. Even brief interactions on Twitter with writers like Ben Brooks and Cody Fink have been great. For their help and insight, I'm extremely grateful. I hope to speak with many more in future.

Of course, Jim Dalrymple took it a step further, and invited me to become a Contributing Writer for The Loop. Although I've only written a handful of articles for Jim, I can assure you that it's quite exhilirating to see your own ideas out there, and to know they're being read by many. Writing for The Loop, for me, feels like looking into a very optimistic future for ONE37. A future in which my content is widely read, my name is known, and my intentions and writing remain pure. Jim and Peter deserve a great deal of commendation for what they've built, and I can only hope my writing will repay their faith in me over the coming months.

All in all, after a month, I've learned a lot. I've spoken with some great people, I've worked on honing my voice, and most importantly, I've enjoyed myself. There's much more to do, but there is no chore in that. I have found something I can proudly pursue. This website has become a vessel for sharing my opinions, my hopes, and my desires, and a constructive outlet for all that I enjoy. And that is a truly rewarding thing.

Always feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, or by email. I'll do my best to write back in a reasonable amount of time.