"Livestream the Super Bowl, Kick Off Disruption of Broadcast TV"

Tim Carmody:

In February, Super Bowl XLVI will be the first instance of the biggest game of the year to stream live over the web, via NFL.com and NBCSports.com. The game will also be available to stream on Verizon smartphones through the league’s wireless partner’s NFL Mobile app. (If you’re on another wireless carrier, you’re out of luck; Verizon’s got the exclusive.)

It also may signal the beginning of the next stage in the web’s transformation of television. Forget TiVo, iTunes, Hulu and Bittorrent. Now even live events aren’t safely confined to the boob tube. And where better to begin than with the biggest television event of the year?

Add this to the growing pile of evidence indicating the impending disruption of broadcast television and media distribution.