Hard Graft All In One Laptop Folio "Review"

I had initially planned to write a full review of Hard Graft’s All In One Laptop Folio, but I’ve since come to realize that it would be a near pointless endeavor. The truth is, I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the Folio.

The Folio is attractive, sturdy, and a pleasure to have in my possession.

I received it in early November, and have used it on two round-trip international flights, multiple domestic trips, and regularly in my day-to-day routine. I can honestly say I’ve been consciously proud of it at every turn.

The wool felt blend adorned with Italian cow leather is attractive, soft, and protective (even water resistant). Prior to the Folio, I used an Incase neoprene sleeve throughout my college years. While the sleeve was great at what it did, it lacked any semblance of sophistication or attractiveness — it was just a simple black sleeve. The Folio, on the other hand, looks and feels great under my arm.

The Folio itself holds a 15” MacBook Pro perfectly, and I would imagine other 15” laptops (or smaller) sit well too. The leather pouch is the ideal size to hold a horizontal Kindle Touch, but such use comes at the expense of filling the pouch with anything else. Accordingly, the pouch on my folio is most often filled with an iOS device USB cable, a USB drive, and either my Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation or my Kindle Touch (sitting upright). On my international trips, I’ll often slide both of my passports and my boarding pass(es) in there too.

Carrying the Folio by itself is great for straightforward trips, but for lengthy journeys, I generally carry a backpack (by Herschel Co.) with the Folio under my arm. It isn’t the most versatile means for carrying my laptop, but it has a gorgeous aesthetic, a wonderful texture, and gives off a truly sophisticated, yet minimalist vibe.

Although the Folio’s a little pricey, I’d say it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone who carries their MacBook Pro with them much at all. Hard Graft’s products are widely copied, but rarely (if ever) has anyone been able to match their level of professionalism in building such a product. 

If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift for someone, have a look through Hard Graft’s shop. As for the All In One Folio, I cannot recommend it highly enough.