"Not Even Considering Android or Windows Phone Devices"

Your truly for The Loop:

Sure, those phones are selling, and of course Android marketshare is growing, but do you really think the users are dedicated? Is there really anything about Android that makes users averse to switching to something else? When reaching an upgrade, does the average user know precisely what they’re going to get next and why?

Many seem to be reacting as if I have written something awfully biased and inaccurate here, but I just can't see it. I shared my personal experience and outlined what it would take for a competitive company to defeat my well-established leaning toward the Apple ecosystem.

Show me something compelling, defining, and unique, and you'll warrant my attention. Until that day, it's unlikely I'll realistically choose to buy one of your products if its only differentiating factors are a gimmick and a terrible name.

Simple as that.