"On Magazines and the iPad"

Justin Williams:

Reading magazines on the iPad is an exercise in frustration. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. As great a device and, more importantly, platform as Apple has created, magazine publishers have done nothing short of fumble the snap in their own end zone.

I read a lot of magazines. They are great for people with short attention spans like myself, available on a variety of diverse topics and are usually pretty well designed. On paper that is. On the iPad? I wish I never learned to read.

Justin makes some great points, and even offers some potential solutions.

But while I'm inclined to agree with his argument, I cannot help but see the current magazine offerings on the iPad as being little more than works in progress. The GQ we have now, for instance, is completely different than the GQ we had a year ago. 

Publishers are only just getting to grips with the medium, and many are just beginning to realize that the iPad should not precisely mirror a magazine, but offer something different. Sure it's taken a long time for that realization to come about, but I think Newsstand is beginning to accelerate the process. Accordingly, I think we're likely to see some newer, more efficient takes on the magazine in the coming months.