Sean Hollister Interviews Carrier IQ's Andrew Coward

Sean Hollister, of The Verge, has a lengthy interview with Carrier IQ's Vice President of Marketing, Andrew Coward.

Sean offers the following summary for those not interested for the transcript in its entirety:

You can read the entire transcript for yourself below, but in our opinion, the biggest takeaways are that Carrier IQ and its client operators have logical reasons for taking most of the information they do — and mind you, many forms of personal data, like the contents of SMS and emails, aren’t being tracked at all, and no data is tracked in real time — but by the same token, it feels like there may be a lack of oversight when it comes to mobile privacy.

Although this seems to put a number of issues to bed, I do not see the Carrier IQ scandal coming to a halt any time soon. With news of incoming class action complaints against large mobile phone manufacturers just beginning to creep in, I'd say the true extent of the situation has yet to be revealed.