Google's Flipboard Competitor Coming As Soon As Tomorrow?

Google's rumored Flipboard competitor, 'Currents,' is reportedly set to arrive as soon as tomorrow. Kara Swisher reports:

I was wrong about the rollout timing — I had reported mid-November (sorry, Sean!) — but Google’s entrant into the news reader space is finally set to launch as early as tomorrow. Sources said the product, which was codenamed Propeller and will compete with a spate of competitors such as Flipboard and Yahoo’s Livestand, is now called Currents. As in current events. Get it?

Swisher previously reported on the project, formerly known as Propeller, in September:

Propeller is a souped-up version of similar reader apps such as Flipboard, AOL’s EditionsYahoo’s Livestand, Zite (which was just bought by Time Warner’s CNN) and Pulse.

Given the expansion of the Flipboard platform to include the iPhone, it is unsurprising to hear that Google is reacting, but I am unenthused at the prospect.

Although Swisher's September article indicated that the software was reportedly "mind-blowing," we saw similar hyperbole in the lead-up to the release of the iOS Gmail app.

Look how well that turned out.