HP Open Sourcing webOS

HP has announced that it is open sourcing webOS.

Having already announced significant losses on its investment in Palm, and having trimmed over 500 employees from the webOS team, AllThingsD reports that more layoffs are coming.

While the company isn’t necessarily going to announce any layoffs today, the effort will no doubt result in a smaller webOS team going forward, sources said. And whatever cuts happen, whether they get announced today or at a date in the near future, they would come on top of the 500 people already cut from the webOS division earlier this year.

webOS is widely considered to be a promising, yet incomplete platform. Although the platform will now exist in a different form, the hope remains that the platform will now be able to grow, and potentially mount an offensive in the mobile OS arena.

The decision has evidently not been taken lightly. Since the appointment of Meg Whitman (and the dismissal of Leo Apotheker), many have waited for news regarding webOS' fate.

Sunday's Touchpad sale may have just become a little more attractive.