Fever Dream of a Guilt-Ridden Gadget Reporter

Mat Honan:

I imagine tuning all the television sets to hardcore gay porn, just to see the spectacle of it all. I fantasize that I am the only one here, in a post-apocalyptic trade show. Alone among these elaborate booths. Free to scamper up on top of them. Free to grab what I want, and actually play with it, like a child. I want to see it all catch fire. I want to pour gasoline in the ducts and light a long fuse, and watch from the street as it burns and burns and burns. My guess is that the flames would be quite beautiful, colored by chemical washes and treated glass. My hangover is killing me.

Honan paints a dystopian picture of CES (and the technology industry as a whole). 

But most poignantly, Honan's experience is not unique.

The hopeless sentiment expressed in his article is symptomatic of a condition many have felt, and are likely to continue to feel, as social interactions become increasingly dependent on synthetic experiences.