"It's Just Stuff"

Shawn Blanc:

You can tell a lot about a man by looking at the sort of car he drives, the grill in his back yard, the phone in his pocket, or the computer in his office. But there is no right or wrong answer here — bigger and more expensive stuff is not at all synonymous with good character and high moral values. In fact, sadly, often the opposite is true.

Instead, look at how he (or she) treats his family. What is his character like? Look at his relationships and his beliefs and how he spends his time. These things — the metaphysical, the intangible — they are the true extension of the soul.

Following CES, many journalists have taken a moment to consider the industry in which they live, and the nature of the consumerism it feeds upon. Shawn's thoughts stand out (along with Mat Honan's) in touching on what it means to be so intimately entwined with technology and consumerism, a topic I have only cursorily discussed in the past.

Worth reading.