Free Offering Unlimited Voice, Text and Data Without Contract for €20 Per Month

Last week, French mobile carrier, Free, launched a new tier of mobile service providing unlimited voice, text and data without contract for €20 per month (or €15.99 for existing broadband subscribers).

Considering the painful lack of compelling competition in the United States, it's encouraging to see the rise of a new disruptive carrier in Europe. While it may not have any direct impact upon mobile phone users elsewhere (yet), Free's bold movements are sure to encourage any potential competitors around the world.

In an interview with Om Malik, Xavier Niel, Free's CEO, remarked:

We are a broadband service provider. Everything else — from voice to IPTV to storage – is just a feature that rides on this data service.

Here's hoping Niel's progressive attitude emboldens advocates of change in the coming months.

(Via Ars Technica)