Hulu Creating New Original Content

According to The Wall Street Journal, Hulu is actively developing two new shows for broadcast on its streaming platform.

Considering Netflix's increasing investment in original programming, it's encouraging to see Hulu recognizing the growing trends in the market. 

Interestingly, Hulu is owned by Walt Disney Co. and News Corp (amongst others) -- two companies notorious for their problems with streaming content. Although the likelihood of Hulu's sale has been in doubt, adopting such a progressive strategy is indicative of a potentially resurfacing disagreement between Hulu and its owners, and lends credibility to rumors of Hulu being put back on the market in 2012.

Following steep revenue gains and subscriber uptake, Hulu is reiterating its relevance in an increasingly competitive market. The media industry is irrefutably changing, and Hulu's recognition and active address of this environment gives me heaps of confidence for the platform's competitive future.