Amazon Launching Cloud Search Service

According to Sarah Lacy at PandoDaily, Amazon is on the cusp of launching its own enterprise-level cloud search tool, thereby placing it in direct contention with Google. Lacy writes:

Amazon’s cloud search will compete with Google’s site search– but from what we hear, it ups the ante significantly. Google’s site search is a revolutionary tool that allows companies to skip the time and expense of building their own search by plugging in a site crawler and a search box.

From EC2 to the Kindle Fire, Amazon is consistently demonstrating its propensity for modernization, competition, and disruption. In the past decade, Amazon has pivoted from being a simple online bookshop to one of the largest forces in technology, commerce, and enterprise development, and it is only gaining momentum.

Moving into direct contention with Google, particularly given Google's disastrous opening to 2012, is intriguing. Amazon, above all others, has repeatedly embossed its understanding of the technology industry and, if executed correctly, could provide a compelling alternative to Google's monopolistic tendencies.

If Amazon continues to broaden its endeavors, while maintaining its penchant for quality and understanding of the market, I cannot help but see them absorbing a significant chunk of Google's increasingly dissatisfied user base.