George Lucas Retiring

Today, The New York Times has published an extensive profile of renowned filmmaker, George Lucas. In and amongst discussions of his new film, 'Red Tails,' Lucas asserts:

I’m retiring. I’m moving away from the business, from the company, from all this kind of stuff.

The article goes onto clarify that Lucas will devote the remainder of his life to smaller personal projects, but I can't say I believe it.

With 'Indiana Jones 5' on the horizon, 3D versions of 'Star Wars' in production, and talk of prequels and sequels to 'Red Tails,' Lucas' future does not seem so clear cut.

Furthermore, I feel dubious over Lucas' definition of a "personal project." Even if he were to retire, I cannot help but picture him taking some "personal time" to rework some scenes in the 'Indiana Jones' series, or to add some more CGI to the original 'Star Wars' trilogy. But perhaps that's just some deep-seated paranoia I've developed over the years.

With specific regard to his tendency toward reworking his projects, Lucas is characterized by a recurrent theme of naïveté -- a characteristic representated wholeheartedly by his films. Although it has proven charming in films like 'Raiders of the Lost Ark,' Lucas' barren knowledge of the impact his decisions have made upon his audience is callous and unbecoming.

It's difficult to tell whether Lucas will, in fact, retire, but the film-watching public can nevertheless hope.

(Via SlashFilm)