Nike+ Fuelband Swipes at the Jawbone UP

During the course of CES, I was curious to see if any new health and fitness tracking devices might emerge in competition with the FitBit or the Jawbone UP. Nothing compelling caught my eye.

This morning, however, Nike has announced the Fuelband, a device that takes the initial Jawbone UP bracelet concept, and improves it in almost every way.

With Bluetooth sync, calorie tracking, better visualizations of your data, rewards for achieving goals, a full web interface, the Fuelband addresses virtually all of the criticisms of the Jawbone UP.

The only two gripes I have are the aesthetic appearance, which looks slightly more garish than the unassuming UP, and the cost, $150. I also cannot seem to find a definitive answer regarding its sleep tracking and alarm capabilities, or a lack thereof.

Although I love my Jawbone UP, I often wonder if I'm simply in love with the concept behind it. Keeping track of my activity and sleep, for me, is a great thing. No other device on the market has been able to competently compete with the UP's novel bracelet implementation, thus leaving me with one option.

The Fuelband changes that, and I'll certainly be looking into trying it out.