Former Senator Chris Dodd, MPAA CEO, Responds to SOPA/PIPA Delay

Channeling his most xenophobic voice, the MPAA CEO, Chris Dodd, has issued his response to the news of the postponement of SOPA and PIPA in Congress:

We applaud those leaders in Washington who have chosen to stand with the millions of hard working Americans all across this nation whose livelihoods are threatened by foreign criminal websites designed to steal. As a consequence of failing to act, there will continue to be a safe haven for foreign thieves; American jobs will continue to be lost; and consumers will continue to be exposed to fraudulent and dangerous products peddled by foreign criminals.

With today’s announcement, we hope the dynamics of the conversation can change and become a sincere discussion about how best to protect the millions of American jobs affected by the theft of American intellectual property. The threat posed by these criminal operations has been widely acknowledged by even the most ardent critics.  It is incumbent that they now sincerely work with all of us to achieve a meaningful solution to this critically important goal.

It is genuinely unbelievable that such ignorant rhetoric continues to spew out of this despicable organization unabated. Rather than taking a loss, regrouping, or, God forbid, taking note of the recent deluge of dissent, the MPAA remains committed to perpetuating and fully instantiating its image as the Internet's most formidable and cretinous enemy.

Considering the media's piercing focus on the MPAA via SOPA and PIPA coverage, Dodd would do well to adopt a slightly more reasonable attitude. Prior to this week, most people were probably largely unaware of the MPAA and its motives, but not any more. Such ridiculous statements will only reaffirm any inkling of distaste for the media giant.

Combining xenophobia and fear-mongering, Dodd has hit upon quite possibly the worst possible tone for his response, underlining his baffling misunderstanding of the nature of the Internet and piracy. Harping on about cliché topics like jobs, foreigners, and America, Dodd's true intent (hint: more money) is embarrassingly transparent.

Depressing as it is, the reality is just as Marco Arment says: "the MPAA studios hate us."

(Via TPM)