Roku Streaming Stick Makes The Smart TV Easier

Roku PR:

Building on the success of the award-winning Roku streaming players, Roku® today unveiled a new solution to make a better Smart TV. The new Roku Streaming Stick™ is a wireless device about the size of a standard USB flash drive that will plug into a TV to instantly transform it into a Smart TV. The Roku Streaming Stick will feature built-in WiFi, processor, memory and software to deliver Roku’s growing collection of streaming entertainment. With these new Smart TVs, consumers will enjoy a fully integrated high-definition streaming experience.

The most interesting wording in the entire press release? "A new solution to make a better Smart TV."

Disrupting television in a meaningful way is fast becoming the focus for many companies. Apple is rumored to be entering the field, and others are scrambling to beat them to it (or to avoid irrelevance after their entry à la the tablet market).

Regardless of their respective levels of success in doing so, how much do you want to bet that "Smart TV" is going to be the consumer electronics buzzword for 2012?

(Via The Verge)