Nokia Lumia 900 Coming to AT&T?

Nick Wingfield for The New York Times:

On Monday at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nokia plans to introduce a sleek metallic Windows Phone called the Lumia 900 that will be sold by AT&T in the United States, according to two people with knowledge of its plans who spoke on condition of anonymity because the product has not yet been announced.

As I've said in the past, I consider Windows Phone to be the most compelling mobile operating system alternative to iOS. The platform has famously struggled to gain traction, but Nokia's Lumia line has the potential to address that problem. Although the Lumia 800 didn't quite live up to expectations, if Nokia is able to bring a competent, aesthetically pleasing device to market, it will be difficult to ignore the platform's viability any further.

Simply put, if the Lumia 900 comes anywhere close to the design of the Lumia 800, I will certainly be heading out to see one in person.

As an aside, Windfield spoke with Microsoft engineer, Joe Belfiore, about Windows Phone's roots:

“Apple created a sea change in the industry in terms of the kinds of things they did that were unique and highly appealing to consumers,” Mr. Belfiore said in an interview at Microsoft’s campus here. “We wanted to respond with something that would be competitive, but not the same.”

There has been a lot of discussion about "copycats" in recent months, but Windows Phone devices rarely, if ever, come into the conversation. While that might be due, in part, to the relatively low quantities of Windows Phone devices on the market, it is also an endorsement of Belfiore's comments. Windows Phone is, indeed, competitive, and it is certainly not the same as iOS. If Nokia can deliver a vessel that does service to the OS, such a device could bring credibility to the struggling platform, and that is certainly something I would hope for -- particularly given the fate of webOS.