The Relevance of CES

The Withings Smart Baby Scale summarizes the problems facing the aging tradeshow (via The Verge)

CES is just getting underway in Las Vegas, and already its relevance and usefulness is coming into question. Nick Wingfield writes in The New York Times:

[...] the show is unlikely to be where any blockbuster products of 2012 are introduced. Many of the hottest new gadgets in recent years — including Apple’s iPad and iPhone, Microsoft’s Kinect and Amazon’s Kindle Fire — were first announced at other events, even though C.E.S. remains the world’s biggest consumer technology convention.

This reflects the changing nature of the technology industry — particularly the fact that the most important developments in the electronics business are no longer coming from the makers of television sets and stereos that have been most closely identified with the show since it started in 1967.

Although there are one or two announcements and trends to follow, the evidence of the increasing irrelevance of CES for big product announcements is indisputable.

(Image via The Verge)