The Verge Interviews Dom Leca, Sparrow Co-Founder

In an interview with The Verge, Dom Leca, co-founder of Sparrow, sheds some light on his thoughts regarding development, email, literature, and design. Here's a particularly great excerpt from the interview:

Email is declared dead a few times a year. Why the staying power? Does it need to evolve?

How did you apply for your job? How do you negotiate a deal? How do you review your employee work? What tool are you using when you're sending message to your loved ones? SMS, Facebook messages, What's app, Kik are all great new means of communication but mail still has its own territory. Email definitely needs to evolve. Sparrow 1.x is an attempt to marginally change habits.

I am an enormous (and outspoken) proponent of what Dom and Hoa have envisioned in Sparrow, and I can't wait to see what new features Sparrow 2.0 holds (not to mention Sparrow for iOS).

Leca's perception of Sparrow as an agent of progressive change for email is ambitious, admirable, but most importantly, achievable. The inroads Leca and his team have made are fantastic, and if they remain on their current path, Sparrow is likely set to become one of the most memorable and influential apps in the Mac App Store (and elsewhere).