Amazon Hiring Creative Executives for Original Content

Following reports of an impending standalone media service from Amazon, GigaOM has stumbled across two job postings on Amazon's corporate careers site searching for creative executives. Ryan Lawler reports:

Add Amazon to the list of online video providers that could soon release some new original programming. The company is looking to hire creative executives to develop and produce original comedies and kids shows for online and traditional distribution.

Original content is set to define the forthcoming industry shift toward streaming media. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon are now actively developing original content and, in doing so, are lending their clout toward undercutting the de facto dominance of cable networks.

Keen to rest on their laurels, cable networks have left themselves vulnerable to the innovative foresight of these Internet giants. While cable networks may not fall any time soon, the evident recognition of the importance of original content bodes well for the prospects of Amazon and the like. 

Streaming vast libraries of digital content is all well and good, but offering something tangibly different is going to be of the utmost importance over the course of the next few years. Building this upon their robust digital distribution networks, fortune is entirely in their favor, unlike the bloated and ineffective Big Media companies we are all so pleasantly accustomed to.

Considering Amazon's extensive investments over the past quarter, it's only a matter of time before we begin to see the fruits of their labor and, if these job postings are any indication, it's certainly set to be an interesting competition between Amazon and Netflix.