The Carter Family Foregoes Mass Media, Creates Tumblr for Baby Photos

Whether you're a fan of their respective libraries of work or not, this is certainly an interesting indication of the current state of social media and blogging. Avoiding a typically soulless and lucrative photoshoot in People, Jay-Z and Beyonce yesterday published a Tumblr account dedicated to the birth of their newborn daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

Celebrity use of Tumblr is certainly not unheard of, but this particular instance provides phenomenal insight into the state of social media today. Foregoing the often unpleasant middle man, Jay-Z and Beyonce have provided something brilliant for their friends, family, and their fans, all without sacrificing the integrity of their family and their image.

Such use of Tumblr is novel and serves as a poignant reminder of the true capability and intention of social media. That is, social media has facilitated an environment through which joyful interactions can easily and pleasantly be shared. Beneath swathes of ignorance, self-shot pictures, and general overarching themes of narcissism, it's thoroughly refreshing to be reminded of the true potential for good inherent within social media.

Perhaps this is not indicative of the vast majority of social media usage, but it's an arguably positive reminder of the potential for good therein. The Internet offers unparalleled potential for global connections between people, and it's a shame that this fact is all too easily forgotten. 

Privacy issues, IPOs, and advertising aside, this small Tumblr account exists as a positive reminder of the intentions of social networks. Given my general scrutiny of social media here, this is an unquestionably timely and optimistic contextual note to keep in mind for the future.

You can check out the Carter Family's Tumblr account here.