Just over three months ago, ONE37 launched. In the time since, readership has doubled on a monthly basis, RSS subscribers have jumped, and general interest has broadened. When I had initially conceived the site, such gratifying success was certainly not expected, and I find myself increasingly humbled as each day passes.

Even today, seeing the site, my name and my opinions dispersed across Twitter and the Internet is unequivocally surreal.

The site is growing and, in order to keep up with it, I had recently begun to ponder the means through which I might be able to lend some degree of permanence to the site. To establish long-term relationships to help me on the path toward writing on a full-time basis. Fortunately, it seems, I was not the only person thinking of this.

Last week, I was contacted by the kind folks at Fusion Ads with an invitation to join their prestigious advertising network. Although I had not planned to implement advertising for another month or two, Fusion is simply far too big of a name for me to turn down.

The Fusion network is comprised of some phenomenal writers, creative personalities, and companies, and I feel endlessly humbled to be numbered amongst such lofty ranks.

Accordingly, as you have undoubtedly noticed, I have started a trial month of advertising on ONE37. Fusion's advertising is minimal, with only one image being placed just to the right of the content of the site. Although the aesthetic footprint is fairly minor, I am more than willing to listen to suggestions and comments regarding the placement, design, and overall cosmetic impact of advertising on the site.

As I've written before, ONE37 is a work in progress, and I fully expect the design to continue to evolve far beyond what you see today. Thanks to Fusion, the advertising portion of the site will remain measured, tasteful, and consistent in whatever form this weblog finds itself.

Over the course of the month, the position and appearance of the advertising is likely to be fine-tuned, and I'd love to hear any of your perspectives on the changes. Please feel free to email me or to catch me on Twitter.