VLC 2.0 Coming This Week

Yesterday evening, Felix Kühne shared a number of screenshots of an impending update to a venerable piece of Mac software, VLC 2.0. The design obviously boasts a fairly sizable departure from previous iterations of VLC, most obviously with 2.0 consolidating much of the UI into one window. Detailing the changes, Kühne writes:

VLC 2.0's interface for Mac is dramatically different from its previous revision, both technically and usage-wise. Playlist and video output share the same window, service discovery modules can be easily accessed through a sidebar and various audio + video filters are available through the respective panels. Besides that, the interface is noticeably faster and easily expandable. Speaking of that, we also added support for VLC's lua-based extensions, which allow you to get info about the current movie from Allociné, post to Twitter, fetch subtitles automatically, etc.

Back in 2009, VLC for Mac appeared all but dead. Reports of halted development of a new UI and of the 64 bit version suggested that the Mac iteration had fallen by the wayside. Accordingly, it's brilliant to see that VLC is thoroughly alive.

For me, despite many attractive alternatives and novel plugins, VLC remains my default video playing software on my Mac. In fact, I even still use it on my iPad when I need to play a non-iTunes video. VLC is a fantastic product and, with renewed development, I certainly hope it can sustain its relevance in an ever-changing media landscape.

VLC 2.0 is slated for release later this week. The current version is available here.

(Via MacStories)