"The Piracy Threshold"

With SOPA, PIPA and ACTA fresh in memory, piracy is a hot topic amongst the Internet community. These pieces of legislation, although cosmetically and geographically disparate, boast a fundamentally similar goal.

The goal is not to simply contend with piracy at its source, the goal is to harm the end-user and the infrastructure of the Internet to such an extent that piracy becomes inconvenient, impractical, and costly. But, just as with most of their DRM methods, Big Media companies excel at a truly poignant level of ineptitude when it comes to contending with a problem and understanding their contextual environment.

Fed up with this, Matt Gemmell writes:

Give us convenient content at a reasonable price, and we’ll buy it. Sell the stuff without DRM, for a few dollars. Make it available to everyone, worldwide, at the same time. Then take the massive, unending pile of money, forever.

I won't spoil his whole article - it is quotable in its entirety. I plan to bookmark and re-read whenever the next piece of legislation pops up. Just for the sake of sanity.