Collecting Air

Digging through my Instapaper queue this afternoon, I stumbled across a phenomenal piece from this past weekend by Nick Bilton. Entitled "Collecting Air," Bilton reflects upon his various international travels and dual nationality - something I'm rather intimately familiar with. Bilton's words flow wonderfully, providing a refreshing vision of people, travel, and seeing the world.

Without spoiling the story, this particular excerpt sets the scene:

During one flight, an older man — probably in his early 60s — sat down next to me. He looked at me, nodded, and took a deep familiar breath as we settled in for the 8 hours we would share together at 35,000 feet. His skin was creased and worn, and his white wavy hair looked like it was sculpted from clay. As he looked over at me, he smiled and the wrinkles around his lips settled into a shape that seemed comfortable and familiar to him. I knew immediately he was kind and we began talking.

It's refreshing to remember that technical writers have the capacity for such rich and descriptive writing.

Read the whole thing in its entirety, please.

(Image via Me)