Dell Is "No Longer a PC Company"

Following last week's dismal earnings results, Brad Anderson, president of Dell's enterprise group, stated that Dell no longer exists as a personal computing company. Nicole Kobie reports for PC Pro:

Speaking at the launch of new enterprise hardware at an event in Twickenham, West London today, the president of Dell's enterprise solution group Brad Anderson said: "We're no longer a PC company, we're an IT company."

"Dell's changing very quickly," he added. "We are dramatically changing the make-up of our business."

"It's no longer about shiny boxes, it's about IT solutions [that let companies drive efficiencies]," he added.

Although the words come from Dell's enterprise president, the sentiment is relatively unsurprising. Dell has lost its touch in the hardware world in recent years, but maintains a firm grip on the enterprise market. Capitalizing on this remaining stronghold, Dell is looking to pivot into sustained relevance from an environment characterized by antiquated ideas and waning marketshare.

Dell is evidently planning to maintain a portion of its consumer hardware business but, with this acknowledgement, Anderson has publicly stated that the consumer market will not be its focus. 

Considering there is a generation of people still operating under the perception of Dell as a great source for affordable computers, this shift away from the consumer industry may pose some interesting questions for the average consumer.

(Via The Verge)