James Murdoch Resigns

Following revelations of his complicity in last year's phone hacking scandal, James Murdoch has resigned as executive chairman of News International. Julia Werdigier and Alan Cowell report for The New York Times

A statement from News Corporation depicted the step as part of James Murdoch’s move to the company’s headquarters in New York, announced a year ago. But many media analysts said the move seemed to reflect the more recent travails of News International, whose newspapers include The Sun, The Times of London and The Sunday Times of London.

Although Mr. Murdoch's days with News International may be over, the precedent set during his tenure will likely reshape the nature of journalism. Facilitating and encouraging casual privacy invasions has brought forth a great deal of attention for News International's publications. In an industry governed by readership, scandal pays dearly. Murdoch recognized that fact and promoted its placement at the forefront of reporting.

Despicable or not, I doubt that News International's rivals will forget the level of attention gained.