Metro UI Design Showcase

As the Windows 8 Consumer Preview rapidly slides through the pipes for many to test, John Gruber has drawn our attention to Mike Kruzeniski's personal weblog. A creative director for Microsoft, Kruzeniski has a rundown of his favorite Windows Phone 7 apps. Posted back in January, Kruzeniski writes:

Over the year I’ve kept an eye out for the apps that I think have done a great job using Metro as a starting point, and below are twelve of my favorites. All of them use the basic Windows Phone grid and controls, and have a Metro style to them, but each have their own distinct voice and personality. They aren’t black and white – they’re all colorful, playful, and vibrant.

Although I often praise Metro, I must say, I have rarely had a chance to have a look at some of the better looking apps. It's great to see developers truly experimenting with the Metro aesthetic.