Three Months Since Release, Ice Cream Sandwich Reaches 1% Device Share

According to the official Android Developer site, Ice Cream Sandwich has just reached a 1 percent share of all Android devices. Given the disjointed distribution method of Google's latest iteration of the Android OS, it's fairly unsurprising - though somewhat validating - to see such a low number.

At the will of carriers and manufacturers, Android is increasingly being wedged into an uncomfortable corner. Without any stern exertion of control by Google, this low adoption rate is likely to characterize the future of the platform - particularly as third parties continue to fork the operating system for their own purposes.

Personally, while I have nothing against Android itself, I find this state of affairs to be absolutely horrendous. Ice Cream Sandwich is unquestionably the best version of Android yet and, if I were an Android device owner, I would want the latest and greatest on my phone. Unfortunately, for the average Android device owner, such a desire often goes months unfulfilled. For some, never. 

Talk of fragmentation and control aside, this is a truly serious issue that Google must at least attempt to take accountability for.

(Via Cult of Android via M.G. Siegler)