2.1 Million People Streamed the Super Bowl

Further highlighting the impending upset of the traditional broadcast industry, NBC has announced that 2.1 million people streamed the Super Bowl this past weekend. It's particularly brilliant to see the numbers emerge from NBC, a part owner of Hulu - a streaming entity NBC is looking to offload due to increasingly disparate views of media distribution.

And yet, despite obvious trends, I tend to think such numbers will barely register with most large cable outlets. In the immediate context of the event, 2.1 million people is merely a drop in the proverbial bucket. The numbers are certainly not insignificant and they're an obvious sign of things to come but, for now, I cannot help but think this will only loosely connect with most executives.

Still, regardless of various executive inefficiencies, there is marked growth in mainstream streaming adoption and, considering the context, that's certainly something to feel at least somewhat optimistic about.

Here's hoping next year brings even more emphatic adoption.